The Museum of Seminole County History is currently converting Marriage Records from 1913 - 1983 into a searchable database. You can search for records by using the search form below, or simply click on a letter to view records listed alphabetically by the groom’s last name. All marriage records after 1913 are located at the Seminole County Clerk of the Court in Sanford, Florida.


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GroomBrideDate Of MarriageBook #Page #Other #
Yack, Larry AlbertFisher, Deborah Shellie3/17/19621227
Yacketta, Ronald AlvinKnutton, Pamela Doris17624695
Yacketta, Ronald AlvinKnutton, Pamela Doris3/5/19741711524914
Yakubchik, Jerry EdwardWatts, Kathleen Ann5/5/19721551529975
Yancey, RobertTurner, Motorette6/1/1935594
Yancey, John T. Jr.Hoke, Phyllis6/13/19581146
Yancy, JasperAshley, Daisy10/25/19242327
Yancy, Wallace D.Wilson, Sallye9/5/19531060
Yando, Frank PaulStevens, Edith3/28/19437322
Yang, Myong SuKim, Kyong Ja8/4/198124461033481
Yankee, ClydeTait, Dora12/24/19232224
Yant, HosieHall, Catherine11/15/19437472
Yarber, WalterHolloman, Nettie Lee11/10/19458379
Yarborough, James W.Kilbe, Ella P.3/7/1915177
Yarborough, Claude L.Thornby, Catherine L.2/12/19252362
Yarborough, Baxter Rae Jr.Smith, Ella Vivian11/27/19427244
Yarborough, EdwardBostick, Imogene12/26/195410185
Yarborough, RalphBurch, Minnie Bell4/7/195510220
Yarborough, Robert W.Holley, Susan E.8/15/196011328
Yarborough, Terrell W.Goodale, Barrie M.1/6/1968143
Yarborough, Charlie Wilbur Jr.Naylor, Robbin Dee7/12/19751826626316
Yarbrough, James D.Noble, Carolyn1/10/1948937
Yarbrough, Arthur JamesDinkins, L'Tanya Yvonne12/29/196613302
Yarbrough, Mickey CloiseJenkins, Jacalynn Diane8/3/19731643924351
Yarbrough, Arthur JamesYelling, Uta Zoe11/20/19741746425612
Yarko, George AlanPalumbo, Gilda Ann5/8/198225418034494
Yarn, Ray LewisMiller, Catherine Cecil8/17/19375358
Yarn, HarveyRodgers, Lois4/9/19751813726057
Yarnall, John HarperBabbitt, Gloria6/19/195410141
Yarns, FreddieWalters, Georgiana4/23/1977206828120
Yaryon, Howard F.Samford, Erie D.7/1/195510245
Yates, HarmonDiehl, Annie5/2/19252395
Yates, EverettMitchell, Lydia Mae3/11/1939657
Yates, AlanJAMES, Noreen6/3/19416463
Yates, Buster LeRoyAllen, Gloria4/8/19427128
Yates, Henry ClarkSpencer, Dorothy Roseline9/16/19468486
Yates, Grafton S.Westfall, Mary L.2/14/19509190
Yates, ColemanDavis, Novella4/12/19519311
Yates, WilliamCannon, Myrtle10/8/196011346
Yates, Herman L. Jr.George, Diannia Mae2/20/196512463
Yates, Rex L.Yates, Evelyn C.4/9/196512491
Yates, Roy StewartThomason, Vivien F.3/20/196713335
Yates, John A.Buchan, Helen G.9/15/196713442
Yates, Paul LutherSpringer, Desiree Lynn4/19/19731632324002
Yates, Joseph RobertCummings, Beatrice Opal11/1/19751841226609
Yates, Carroll WayneGuidry, Patricia Joan8/6/19772024628475
Yates, Michael DuaneHarper, Billie Kay11/7/198023509032382
Yates, Steven LawrenceChaplin, Katherine Joy11/28/198023540032444
Yates, David ThomasRoche, Sheri Lynn5/8/198124266033092
Yawn, Ricky DaleButler, Cynthia Elaine12/19/19802358332530
Yeack, Clayton BernardBarahona-Berron, Ana Eugenia12/29/1980242332606
Yeadon, LaVerne OliverHoward, Lealer Marie10/11/19751839526574
Yeager, Clarence W.Lindsey, Pearl3/10/19344446
Yeager, Neil LawsonNewton, Margaret1/4/1942770
Yearger, James WilliamMerryman, Fannie Marie7/3/198225524034705
Yelverton, John HiramBarclay, Jo Ann11/3/19731651224569
Yelverton, Michael ThomasQuavillon, Judie Lynn1/9/19802255431291
Yelvington, Melton AlbertHays, Martha Fitts9/2/19509243
Yelvington, Jesse Fern Jr.Moon, Connie Fay10/11/198023463032290
Yelvington, Wayne MurrielWarfield, Shirley Elizabeth7/11/198225548034754
Yen, MingTu, Yen12/15/198023571032505
Yeoman, Isaac Robert Jr.Yokeley, Sharon E.4/29/196713364
Yerian, Fred LeroyGiannini, Janice Maria4/11/198225357034371
Yetter, Kenneth Allen Jr.Rickett, Nancylou10/27/19731650824556
Yinger, Kenneth DeanMatlack, Nancy Ruth10/27/19741746025604
Yingling, Michael AlbertPoalillo, Roxeann Carole10/27/19741745825600
Yoder, Jay OButts, Sandra Lee6/26/196914300
Yolton, Robin GuySisson, Diane Elizabeth5/23/19792216230507
Yon, Robert WilliamPagano, June Ann11/26/19772040128786
York, Royal LeeCotton, Janet Delores1520922057
York, James TonyStaff, Leah Juanita5/23/19731635324091
York, Dennis AndrewYork, Ann Lane3/10/1976193326949
Yost, Donald K.King, Betty J.1/9/196011252
Yost, Donald CarlWalsh, Janet Louise12/19/19731654824678
Yost, David AlanChalifoux, Mary Anne2/21/198124119032797
Youakim, Joseph E.McCoy, Edith Evelyn7/10/1972164723175
Youdell, LemPresha, Hannah12/30/19201405
Youkim, Joseph Eliel Jr.Youkim, Edith Evelyn12/21/19782146430012
Youlee, RichardSmith, Ruby9/27/19375371
Youlee, RichardFaggian, Corine10/20/19468491
Youmans, Ernest M.Guldi, Patricia C.12/23/196713527
Young, Walter CharlesSorrell, Mellouise Angelia1736825420
Young, JamesEllison, Lola11/25/1914163
Young, HenryYoung, Angeline9/6/19161150
Young, C.W.Williams, Essie6/3/19171194
Young, WiredRouse, Viola2/17/19201344
Young, LeonardCooper, Sadie9/27/19201385
Young, RobertRogers, Josephine2/9/19211414
Young, JamesMinton, Charity4/30/19211433
Young, WillieHarris, Vina8/29/192127
Young, Samuel Jr.Jones, Emma5/22/1922265
Young, BrooksBrown, Annie5/25/1922272
Young, GrantAllen, Frances12/29/19232230
Young, SeabornNewman, Ruby1/9/19262488
Young, JoeWade, Mary5/18/1926355
Young, JoPatterson, May Bell7/7/1926372
Young, P. GerardDuncan, Eva Mae8/30/1926396
Young, AbeGarman, Bertha5/28/19283312
Young, HarryChesnut, Willie M.8/20/19283343
Young, AltonThayer, Cleo3/3/19293400
Young, LewisJohnson, Katherine3/30/19293411
Young, PastellJenkins, Sadie1/18/1931495
Young, Donald O.Corson, Beatrice Mae3/12/19334317
Young, ElvieThomas, Sarah2/24/19344437
Young, E.L.Casey, Kathleen1/6/1935542
Young, HowardGotha, Martha2/1/19365150
Young, Charile W.Burke, Louise8/16/19365226
Young, EarlyHall, Ella Mae4/25/19375321
Young, WilliamGordon, Loretta12/5/19375392
Young, Rill B.White, Helen Jean9/17/19385485
Young, DickPierce, Margaret7/15/19396122
Young, DennisBrooke, Marjorie6/22/19406268
Young, Grover E.Horton, Ruby Lee9/13/19406300
Young, JohnLee, Isabelle9/28/19406293
Young, JohnnieHenderson, Lucille3/1/19416397
Young, RichardGreen, Julia11/9/1941732
Young, WillieStevens, Mary11/22/1941742
Young, Yancy ClevelandGaines, Myrtle1/25/1942783
Young, Edwin ByronBoba, Floy1/31/1942785
Young, LutherNewsome, Sallie Mae9/2/19437435
Young, MitchellPew, Anna Lee3/6/1944851
Young, HarrisonMoore, Lucille5/4/1944894
Young, Billie CharlesHall, Lucille Amy1/7/19468396
Young, Hiram HughScoggan, Almida Lydia4/22/19478539
Young, Elliott AlmonMartin, Betty Ann10/8/1948998
Young, Booker T.Goodwin, Willie Mae1/24/19509186
Young, Evert AlfredCrumley, Dorothy Beatrice6/24/19509225
Young, Donald EugeneHood, Beverly Joan6/19/195410140
Young, CalvinMoore, Eddie Mae11/8/195410171
Young, Charles SheltonGardner, Janette Grace5/5/195610329
Young, Neal RonaldLynch, Clara6/29/195610355
Young, GeorgeMoseley, Ruth3/24/195710436
Young, Pierson C.Smith, Hilda P.4/22/195710444
Young, Milton Jr.McCloud, Alzada10/14/195710489
Young, BunyonWamley, Elma3/3/19581119
Young, HenryLane, Rena10/28/19581195
Young, Levi B.Martin, Jean11/27/195811103
Young, GrantBrown, Lula Williams10/26/195911226
Young, John W.Miller, Barbara F.1/19/196111383
Young, Jimmy Jr.Proctor, Charity6/27/196111442
Young, Robert LePope, Virginia Pearl1/10/1962125
Young, Louis C.Ferris, Betty10/9/19621299
Young, John T.Lingard, Rosella7/13/196412370
Young, Donald G.Childe, Sherry L.7/29/196412377
Young, Charles ThomasAntoine, Vicki Lee2/1/196512455
Young, Gerald RaymondBaylon, Ma Lucia Merced7/10/1965135
Young, BunyonCollier, Georgia M.3/28/196613148
Young, WilliamOliver, Darleen10/17/196613265
Young, Wisha E.Mack, Martha Y.11/10/196613275
Young, Joe Jr.Fields, Kattie Mae3/17/196713342
Young, Richard DennisFarmer, Peggy Ann8/11/196713439
Young, Robert J.Shoemaker, Mary E.9/1/196713455
Young, Dennis D.Weeks, Gladys12/16/196713518
Young, Robert EdwinRodriguez, Olga3/9/19681434
Young, Michael D.Smith, Patricia L.4/6/19681448
Young, Freddie C.Spencer, Neil Jane4/20/19681458
Young, Lee Jr.Gathers, Florida4/24/196914256
Young, NathanielGarrett, Dorothy Mae5/6/196914262
Young, Hartman LeeShaker, Claire Catherine8/1/196914318
Young, Aaron OrloGunn, Sandra Kay2/15/197014424
Young, Edward EugeneRedding, Sandra Faye8/2/19701558
Young, John C.Young, Janet C.8/11/19701567
Young, Richard J.Walker, Barbara Jean8/24/19701575
Young, Luther CharlesWhite, Darlyne Gayle2/18/19721546722832
Young, Glenn RonaldKellett, Donna Gayle5/5/19721551429974
Young, Charles RobertLefforge, Thelma Marie7/24/1972166423225
Young, Ricky LeePriddy, Kay Frances9/28/19721611423376
Young, Thomas AllenJarman, Jean Ann7/21/19731641424274
Young, William Howard Jr.Ziss, Joy Lynn12/15/19731654924680
Young, Craig StevenLeholm, Kim Kay12/20/1973171924721
Young, Joe EdwardDemps, Sylvia Lee4/14/19741717125025
Young, Larry DonBoston, Judy1/13/1975183725858
Young, Alan GuyTownsend, Donna Jean2/8/1975183925861
Young, Richard JeromeTennell, Eula Mae2/15/1975188225947
Young, Terrance LeeKing, Elizabeth Joy2/22/1975188525953
Young, William MichaelGraham, Vicki Lynn6/5/19761912127126
Young, Paul AnthonyTreon, Jane Ellen9/12/19761930327490
Young, Richard EdwardStone, Elizabeth Jean10/15/19761935727598
Young, Ricky LeeGault, Linda Sue12/3/19761941727717
Young, GeorgeGathers, Laura Jane1/6/19771947727838
Young, Charles MichaelMathes, Janice Latrelle1/27/19771950227887
Young, Jewel DeanWestbrook, Melissa Ann8/13/19772026228507
Young, Robert AllenReilly, Beth Ann3/4/19782054729078
Young, Gregory ScottSecord, Mary Vail6/17/19782115229387
Young, Carroll HuelonPrice, Brendia Gale2/24/1979221430211
Young, Robert Edwin IIFocht, Mary Ellen2/25/197922130186
Young, Eddie HaroldBallard, Kim Ann3/6/1979223430252
Young, David JohnAndersen, Laurel June5/5/19792213230448
Young, Russell Lincoln Jr.Crabtree, Debra Dee6/9/19792219130565
Young, Kirby CarlWilliams, Roseanne Marie6/16/19792220630596
Young, Daniel BernardSears, Elaine Adrianna6/27/19802325331869
Young, Dale MartinMason, Debra Lynn9/6/198023405032173
Young, Dennis DavidCollestan, Goli Martha3/21/198124162032884
Young, Roger MelvinCruzio, Linda Marie6/12/198124294033148
Young, Duane LeeMaybush, Ruth Rene7/25/198124435033430
Young, Talarico PercyJenkins, Toni Alberta3/12/198225297034251
Young, James LeroyBeverly, Euna Marlene6/13/198225488034634
Young, Ricky LeeParris, Nancy Suzette6/26/198225525034707
Youngblood, Tolliver JasperBarr, Rachel7/2/19782120729498
Youngers, John AndrewJoiner, Linda Dale12/6/19751843326650
Youngers, Charles DonaldErickson, Kimberly Sue3/18/1976193426952
Youngers, Kenneth WilliamO'Connor, Lorraine Marie4/24/1976199127046
Youngkin, Robert JosephMeade, Mary Barazella7/4/19792222730637
Youngs, Donald Thomas Jr.Dorfmeister, Nadine Ann7/29/19782125929602
Youngs, Marvin EdwinMcKenzie, Sandra Kay8/16/19802335932082
Yount, James R.Allman, Frances12/13/195510288
Yourshaw, Robert RodneySilsby, Linda Jane12/3/196011364
Yourshaw, Robert RodneyConover, Clarice Ann9/9/19792234830880
Yovaish, Michael JeffreyWaters, Cherie Ann24458033475
Yovaish, Darwin J. Jr.Lucore, Janet Lee6/3/19782114329369
Yovaish, Darwin J. Jr.Clark, Jeanne Maquis10/23/198226203035174
Yowler, Lee B.Keller, Ethelyn B.3/1/1948947
Yulee, Steven StanleyMitchell, Mose Zella7/8/19448136
Yurkiewicz, Stanley Theodore Jr.Glaze, Patricia Ann12/31/19751849826780