This directory consists of telephone numbers for county department directors and managers, county services and non-profit organizations doing business in and around Seminole County.

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Management Info Center 407-665-7291
Management Plans/ Environmental 407-349-0769
Mapping - Planning 407-665-7371
Mapping - Property Appraisers 407-665-7513
Marchman Act - Baker 407-665-4328
McClelland, John 407-665-1171
Medicaid 1-866-762-2237
Medical Examiner (Coroner) 386-258-4060
Medical Records/ Casselberry 407-665-3404
Medical Records/ Release 407-665-3222
Midway Comm. Center - Rental 407-665-2001
Mileage Rates 407-665-7506
MIS 407-665-7534
Misdemeanor Criminal 407-665-4450
Mitigation for Commercial Parcels 407-659-4800
Model Dependency Court Teen Court 407-665-5344
Mold 850-245-4288
Motion Photography Permits 407-665-7440