This directory consists of telephone numbers for county department directors and managers, county services and non-profit organizations doing business in and around Seminole County.

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ID for the Homeless/ Poor [IDignity] 407-792-1374
Immigration-National Customer Service Center 800-375-5283
Information on Demand [Purchasing Dept] 407-665-7112
Information Services 407-665-5274
Information Services - IT OPS CSD/311 - Fax 407-665-1192
Information Services - Risk Management Admin Svcs - Fax 407-665-5286
Information Services - Support Services - Fax 407-665-5255
Injunction or Restraining Order - [To Serve One SCSO 407-665-6640
Injunction or Restraining Order Request 407-665-6101
IRS- Internal Revenue Service 844-545-5640