This directory consists of telephone numbers for county department directors and managers, county services and non-profit organizations doing business in and around Seminole County.

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Development Svcs. - Comp. & Current Planning - Fax 407-665-7385
Development Svcs. - Dev. Review - Fax 407-665-7456
Development Svcs. - Economic Development - Fax 407-665-7003
Development Svcs. - Engineering Inspections - Fax 407-665-7003
Development Svcs. - Fax 407-665-7407
Development Svcs. - New Dev. Eng. Inspections - Fax 407-665-7003
Development Svcs. - Planning & Development Admin - Fax 407-665-7367
Development Svcs. - Residential Building - Fax 407-665-7486