Executive Order Enacting Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Posted on: 9/14/2017 3:43:23 PM

Seminole County, FL. (September 14, 2017) Seminole County enacted an executive order today requiring Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled to enact their Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.

Per Florida Statute 252, healthcare facilities are required to have an emergency management plan which must include an evacuation plan and alternate care methods in order to maintain a standard level of care for their residents. It is Seminole County’s interest to protect our most vulnerable populations by encouraging administrators to take mitigation actions for residents in facilities without power and air conditioning.

Facility Administrators should begin to enact their Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, which consists of the necessary evacuation elements of their plan, if they have not already done so. If an alternate facility is not available, Seminole County EOC has identified an emergency shelter. 

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