Hurricane Exercise: June 1

Posted on: 5/30/2017 9:18:39 AM

SANFORD, FLA. May 30, 2017 -- In preparation for upcoming 2017 hurricane season, Seminole County will put on one of the largest hurricane exercises in history this Thursday, June 1, from 8:30am – 4:30pm. 

During the exercise, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a pet-friendly persons with special need shelter, general population shelter, citizens information hotline, public works command center, and a volunteer coordination center will be established to test logistics and staffing requirements.  This functional exercise will involve field activities related to EOC actions.  EOC staff will actively move equipment, establish shelters, request response equipment/teams, generate public information, and authenticate agreements with outside agencies.
The “Hurricane Charles” exercise will give participants an opportunity to validate first response activities, transportation support, debris management, disaster housing, points of distribution, and emergency sheltering.  The exercise will focus on key local, private, and non-profit emergency responder coordination, critical decisions, and the integration of local, State and Federal assets necessary to save lives and protect public health following a natural disaster. 

Many of the after action / improvement items from Hurricane Matthew will be tested during this exercise.  The 2017 hurricane forecast makes this type of exercise more important than ever. 

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