Christmas Gift Idea

Posted on: 12/2/2003

What Gift Will You Give For Christmas?

Sanford --- Are you stumped on what to get your loved one for Christmas? Seminole County Emergency Management offers a number of holiday gift ideas to help your family prepare for disasters. Why not choose a gift that can help your family during an emergency?

* NOAA Weather Radio with Specific Area Messaging Encoders. This radio alarms when any hazard faces the Citizens of the area.

* Family Radio Service walkie-talkies. These "toys" may be the only communication a family has with one another or disaster workers.

* A small gasoline generator or battery powered inverter powerful enough to run important electric appliances such as a refrigerator, electric skillet, computer, TV, etc.

* A disaster car kit including flashlights, batteries, candles, bottled water and granola bars maybe helpful for those stranded during an emergency.

* Small tool kits are always a great gift, especially if you include a Family Disaster Plan that shows areas where you might use the tools after a disaster.

* A small first aid kit for the home and car is also recommended. A Red Cross First Aid course would be a good way to become familiar with the contents of the kit.

* A number of smoke alarms or fire extinguishers for the home and a fire extinguisher for the car would be a nice addition to the safety equipment. Of course, training on their use is also important. Participation in a Community Emergency Response Team would give the student the education in fire extinguisher use.

* A small battery powered television set would augment the battery powered AM radio used to gather important public information at a disaster. The TV with the combination AM radio would reduce the need for both items and save batteries as well. A unit that was powered by a hand crank or sunlight would be very versatile and save on the cost of the batteries.

"What better gift, than a gift that can save someone’s life and property," said Joseph McCluan, Emergency Manager.

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