Seminole County Gets Top Dog”….literally.

Posted on: 9/24/2003

Seminole County Gets “Top Dog”….Literally.

Seminole County is honored this week to receive “Top Dog” as “Michael the Whippet”, educational ambassador for Seminole County Animal Services, is inducted into the Florida Animal Hall of Fame.

With the help of Mary Beth Lake, his trainer and Animal Care Supervisor at Seminole County Animal Services, Michael participates in many school education programs ranging from career days, classroom visits, “Truck Days”, and the annual “Teach-In”. In addition, Michael helps Mary Beth teach children and adults proper care for pets, pet responsibilities, importance of spaying and neutering, how to avoid being bitten by a dog, how to approach a strange animal, how to pet an animal with respect and the joys of caring for a pet. He even has his own monthly column on Seminole County’s website!

Due to this high level of education, Michael has become a permanent part of the Florida Animal Hall of Fame, receiving a beautiful plaque and a bag full of doggie toys and treats. This “Top Dog” was highly praised for his good manners and quiet demeanor. Inductees to the Florida Animal Hall of Fame are selected from nominations by breeders, animal care workers, pet shops, and animal service centers around the state. Judges are comprised of Veterinarians, of the Florida Animal Health Foundation, who know and appreciate the special demands placed on dogs working in educational programs.

Seminole County is honored to have the “Top Dog” in the State, and our top animal-care “mom”, Mary Beth Lake.


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