Transporting Sars Patients

Posted on: 4/29/2003

Questions have been raised on the policies involved in transporting patients that are suspected of having the life-threatening disease “SARS”.
It has always been the policy of the Seminole County Fire Department to transport any person with a life-threatening illness to the hospital. We believe it is critical for patients with any type of disease, including SARS, to get the proper medical treatment as quickly as possible. As with any communicable disease, the Seminole County Health Department will be notified of any suspected SARS patients.
Last week, medical professionals met to discuss SARS and developed a policy for treatment and transport in the event of community outbreak. In the event of a large outbreak, patients with non-life threatening symptoms, in stable condition, may be isolated at home.
Currently, Seminole County Fire Department will transport all suspected SARS victims to a local hospital.

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