Zoning Fees

DISCLAIMER: These fees are approximate, and based solely on the project information that follows. This calculator was designed solely for the purpose of estimating fees for residential and commercial development. You are invited to use this tool as a means to estimate the approximate amount of fees that may be due for your project, however, bear in mind that there are many factors that may affect the total assessment. Dollar amounts derived from this module shall not override the fees calculated by County staff.


***You will need to know the answers to all of these questions in order to submit this form for an estimate.***
1. To what do you wish to rezone?
Single Family / Duplex / Agriculture
acres (round up to the whole acre)
Other Classification
acres (round up to the whole acre)
2. Will you be filing concurrently with a Comprehensive Plan Amendment or
    Development of Regional Impact? (for Future Land Use Changes)
Acres Affected:
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