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Please note that for procurement information after April 2011 both History and Active information is contained in VendorLink.

AB-3025-01/GMG - Project   Mowing & Grounds Maintenance of Parks & Facilities LOcations 
AB-3028-01/GMG - Project   Elevator Maintenance 
BD-0409-06/TLR - Project   Mezzanine for the Seminole County Fire Training Center (CANCELED) 
BD-1137-06/BHJ - Project   Kiosk and Entrance Signs for Seminole County Natural Lands (Due Date:8/16/2006). 
BD-1261-06/BHJ - Project   SCFD Training Facility Gray Water Drain Field (Due Date: Sept. 13, 2006) 
BD-2005-04/DRS - Project   Windscreen Protection for Bentley Elementary, Lake Brantley High School (Bldgs 6, 7, & 8) and Winter Springs High School (Bldgs 5, 6 & 7)(Pre-Bid on 11/10/2004 at 9:00 a.m.)(Due Date: 12/01/2004) 
BD-2006-04/JVP - Project   Seminole County Emergency Operations Center Audio Video System  
BD-2008-04/JVP - Project   Emergency Operations Center Audio Video System Mandatory Pre-Bid: December 6, 2004 @ 9:00 a.m. at Emergency Operations Center, 150 Bush Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773 All attendees must be in EOC no later than 9:15 a.m. 
BD-2009-04/BJC - Project   Purchase of Lockable Sample Stations with Cyber Key Built In (12/17/04) - Re-Bid 
BD-2107-04/TLR - Project   Leachate Hauling Services (Due 12/29/04) 
BD-2110-04/AJR - Project   Mezzanine & Shelving for the Logistics Support Center (MANDATORY Pre-Bid Date: 12/17/04 at 3:00pm - 201 Valentine Way) (REVISED Due Date: 12/28/2004) 
BD-2117-05/AJR - Project   Fire Training Center Logistics Office Area Renovation Project (Due Date: April 27, 2005) (Pre-Bid/Site Visit Mtg. April 14, 2005 @ 8:30am) 
BD-2119-05/DRR - Project   Fire Training Center Delivery Door (Due Date 5/18/2005) 
BD-2122-05/JVP - Project   Purchase of Holmatro Extrication/Rescue Tools 
BD-2123-05/JVP - Project   Purchase of Centaur Hydraulic Pump 
BD-2127-05/JVP - Project   Purchase of Miscellaneous Fire Equipment 
BD-2128-05/JVP - Project   Purchase of Holmatro Extrication/Rescue Tools 
BD-2129-05/JVP - Project   Purchase and Installation of Protective Clothing Cleaning System 
BD-2131-05/LJS - Project   Laser Leveling the Athletic Fields for Parks & Recreation (Revised Due Date 12/28/2005) 
BD-2132-06/BJC - Project   Purchase of Scott SCBA Air Packs Carbon Cylinder and Valve Assembly, 4500 psig, 45 min. (2/10/2006) 
BD-2133-06/LJS - Project   (3) Fiberglass Animal Transport Units (REVISED Due Date 3/22/2006) 
BD-285-02/BJC - Project   Windows and Doors Protection for Two (2) designated Seminole County Public Schools 
BD-286-02/BJC - Project   Right of First Refusal 
BD-288-03/BJC - Project   Windscreen Protection for Lawton Chiles Elementary, Oviedo, Florida 
BD-295-03/DRS - Project   Windscreen Protection for Bentley Elementary and Winter Springs High School, Buildings 5 & 6 (11/05/2003) 
BD-297-03/PWM - Project   Windscreen Protection for Bentley Elementary (First Floor) and Winter Springs High School, Buildings 5 & 6 (First Floors Only)(1/14/2004) 
BD-298-04/PWM - Project   Resurfacing of Interior and Exterior of Four (4) Welded Steel Leachate Tanks (02/25/2004) 
BD-600028-06/LJS - Project   Big Tree Park Bamboo Removal and Clearing (Due Date 5/3/2006)