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Service Problems?

Request for Information FormTo report a street light(s) that is out or malfunctioning, simply fill out and submit the following repair request form.

Note 1: For trimming tree vegetation from power lines, please contact your power company. Power line maintenance is not a service component of the lighting equipment funded through the MSBU Program.

Note 2: The repair/maintenance fee charged to the MSBU Program obligates the power company to provide any service that is necessary to keep the equipment in good working order. General maintenance service, such as painting poles is not included in the maintenance plan for the equipment provided by the power company through the MSBU Program.

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Street Light Information    

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Problems with light(s):
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OFF all the time     
ON all the time     
Cycling on and off     
Broken Globe(s)     
Multiple lights affected     
Other - describe in comments    

Light pole number:
(if available)

Can be found on a metal plate at eye level on
 the pole.

Gate Code:
(if applicable)

This information will only be given to the Power
Please note additional pole numbers as well as any access information that would be helpful to the power company personnel in gaining access to the lights for repair.


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