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To register your AED (Automated External Defibrillator) with local emergency service agencies within Seminole County, please fill out the following online form or click here to download a printable AED registration form. Mail the printed form to Public Safety AED Coordinator; 150 Bush Blvd; Sanford FL 32773 or Fax to 407-665-5048. If you have any questions, please contact LuWayne Ransom at 407-665-5038.

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Please enter the name of the physician who prescribed the AED. This physician is responsible for the appointment of an AED coordinator; development and review of policies and procedures that define standard of patient care and use of the AED; supervision of a quality improvement program, including review of response documentation and rescue data for all application of the AED; oversight of in-house and continuing AED training; providing advice regarding medical direction activities.

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Enter the name of the individual who has been appointed by the physician to serve as the primary AED coordinator. AED programs primary coordinator will be responsible for a written plan and documentation of the AED maintenance program.

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Where is the AED Located?

Please note: Local EMS agencies will be notified of your AED registration based on the address information entered below. Please be sure and put the address where the AED is physically located rather than your corporate headquarters or other address.

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